Insight Gettysburg

is a revolutionary augmented reality experience that allows users to tour one of the most well known battlefields of the American civil war using a standard iOS device. The device's camera captures the historical sites on location in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, while the software overlays scenes of famous battles and stories that unfolded right at your feet over 150 years ago.

In addition to providing an animated window into the past, InSite Gettysburg offers a number of other compelling features. The GPS tour mode tracks your progress through the park and automatically alerts you to historical landmarks, or offers interesting historical trivia that is relevant to your current location. A built in map with GPS locator helps you navigate the historical site, as well as offering a scrubbable timeline of the events of the battle. If you're a souvenir hunter, Insite Gettysburg offers collectible virtual artefacts that are awarded based on you visiting various historical attractions, as well as a novelty photo booth mode that allows you to take your photo alongside some of the civil war's greatest heroes.

For more information, visit the official site at www.visitime.com