The Furdmont Chronicles: Main Street Mayhem™

The Furdmont Chronicles™, as originally conceived by cartoonist and doctor Justin Matrisciano M.D., is a colorful world inhabited by characterful people and talking animals. Their home, the town of Furdmont™, is under attack by invisible assailants. In Main Street Mayhem™, the first 23 episode installment, the citizens of Furdmont™ must learn to understand, and then fight off this menace. Friendships will be tested, and the characters' ingenuity and resolve will be crucial to their success.

In each episode, players will control one of the main characters as they traverse the town of Furdmont™ in an attempt to solve mysterious problems as they arise. They will visit with all the eclectic personalities in town and face simple puzzles to progress through the story. Players are also treated to over 10 minutes of delightfully voiced animation in each episode as the action progresses.

The town of Furdmont™ and its challenges are actually an analogy for a person living with diabetes. As the story progresses, players will learn more and more about how diabetes affects the body and how to combat the ill effects, both through analogous storylines and through direct lectures by Justin "Dr. Grady" Matrisciano.

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